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Lucienne MoniqueIlluminazione e complementi di arredo


lantern with sparrows
"The sparrows add a touch of originality to the product."

580 - 4
chandelier with glass-almonds
"With its curled leaves that recall the baroque style, a classic of its genre."

670 - 6
chandelier with glass-almonds
"The leaves cascade like a waterfall and give the impression of water drops sliding down them."

900 - 6
chandelier with roses and flowers
"The fresh and bright colours remembers spring time."

AX 64
chandelier with wooden angel
"Staring at this article is like being taken to another dimension... the glitter, the presence of the angel, the harmonious ring..."

AX 89
chandelier with roses
"The fresh and carefree colours remind you of spring and the oval forms of the article gift originality."

AX 93
chandelier with leaves
"The extended form impressively lends itself to rectangular tables."

AX 105 - V
chandelier with blown glass
"The different colour nuances of crystals espouse harmonically with the colour of the violet glass."

AX 114 - O
chandelier with glass blown by mouth
"Also available in the violet coloured blown glass version."

AX 128
chandelier with Swarovski crystals
"From the cascade of leaves precious drops of water fall."

AX 130
chandelier with butterfly
"The delicate butterfly seems to rest on a perfumed flower."

AX 148
chandelier with flowerets
"The delicate branches intertwine forming a perfect tondo."

AX 158 - A
chandelier with grape
"The lifelike bunch invites one to pick a grape..."

AX 159
chandelier with drops
"The crystals are gliding from the leaves like drops of water after a rainfall."

AX 160
chandelier with leaves
"The numerous leaves entwine forming a harmonious tondo."

AX 164
chandelier with crystals
"The different nuances of the coloured crystals grays the article to a bijoux."

FG 113
chandelier with butterflies
"The butterflies sit on the leaves and seem to be attracted to the light from the crystals..."

GM 2
chandelier with butterflies
"The butterflies delicately rest on the lamp's branches..."

GM 13
chandelier with butterfly
"The butterfly gifts a touch of originality to the article."

GN 23
chandelier with angel
"The angel seems to be flying, surrounded by its own lights."

GN 27
chandelier with butterflies
"The butterflies harmoniously blend in with the entangled leaves."

GN 59
chandelier solar system
"The inspiration comes through the solar system!"

GO 2
chandelier with glass-almonds
"A classical shape available in different measures."

NO 117

NO 146
chandelier with glass pendants
"A classical stile, available also in round version."

W 49 / R
chandelier with roses
"Available in different measures."

W 87
chandelier with angels
"The angels invite to listen to a symphony!"

W 98
chandelier with birds
"The birds are watching curiously around..."

W 101
chandelier balloon
"The article is available in different measures and coloures."

W 145
chandelier with roses
"With its numerous roses, it invites romaticism."

Y 1
chandelier sun
"The tongue shaped leaves are suggestive of the sun in its splendor."

Y 11
chandelier with apples
"A characteristic of the apple tree..."

Y 18
chandelier cupolaed
"The delicate decoration can be glimpsed under the cupola and the Swarovski bestow drops of coloured light."

Y 46
chandelier sailboat motif
"The course of the sailing ship is facilitated by the golden seaguls."

Y 57
chandelier with decoration
"Resembles a recently blossomed flower..."