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Lucienne MoniqueIlluminazione e complementi di arredo


77 - 1
hook with flower
"Available in different colours."

790 - M - 2 + 790 - S - 2
consol with mirror
"Given its size, there is always space with the mirror and console combination."

A 477 - G
curtainholder with leave
"Simple and classic in its style."

A 588
candelholder with butterflies
"The butterflies are flying in the wide..."

AR 9
"Very comfortable to sit and also to lean."

AX 62
leave candleholder
"The jewels rest like drops of water on the leaf."

AX 91
curtainholder with butterfly
"The crystals enrich the butterfly."

BV 1 - M
clothes holder with decor
"Available also in the version with wheels."

BV 5
clothes holder for the wall
"Practical owing to the wall attachment."

BV 14
towel holder with decoration
"Available also in the version with wheels."

BV 16
wall consol with decoration
"Simple and classic in its style."

FG 79
stool with velvet cushion
"Simple and classic in its style."

FG 84
table with leaves
"The leaves donates preciousness to the article."

FG 94 - M
stool with crossbars
"Evokes the baroque style with its scallops and beads..."

FG 99 1 - 3 - 2
table trio
"The tables are available also singulars."

FG 114
tree clothes holder
"Like the trunk of a tree..."

FG 120
shelf with levels
"The wall fixing renders the article gracious and original..."

FG 121
armchair with cushion
"Particular with its low seatback..."

FG 123 - C
Folding chair with cushion
"Also to hang uo on the wall."

FG 129
consol with decoration
"The decoration donates originality to the article."

FG 136
"Not only for belts but also for bags and stoles..."

FG 139
towel holder for the wall
"Available also in a smaller version and in the double version."

FG 143 - FG 142
round tables
"The tables are available also singular."

FG 144
clothes holder to rotate
"The article can be roteted in both directions."

GN 24
nest candleholder
"The candle is bounded like in a nest."

K 14
table cylindrical
"Available in different dimensions."

K 31
stool covered by fabric
"The cubic form is always delightful."

W 88
mirror with flowers
"The three flowers enriched the mirror."

W 111
clothes holder with heart
"The dove is integrated harmonically in the clothes holder."

W 133 - G
umbrella stand with pompons
"Available in different measures."

Y 49
candelholder with inner decoration
"The internal decoration renders the object delicate and original."

Y 66
curtainholder with leaves
"Available also in the bigger version."